I solve problems through design



I solve problems through design


Hello, I'm Nicole! I'm a multi-disciplinary graphic designer based in Wellington, New Zealand. Growing up I’ve always had an eye for detail, which naturally lead me down the path of being a Graphic Designer. I see beauty in simplicity in which every communication piece from a website to a invitation should function effortlessly and be inspired by a unique story. 

I have a passion to create and solve any design problem thrown my way. I have experience in producing creative work across different mediums and am constantly building on this knowledge.

My skill set spans a wide variety of disciplines, including branding, videography, photography, social media, web and product design.


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Bachelor of Visual Communication Design (Honours)
Massey University

Diploma of Digital Media Design
Yoobee School of Design

Diploma of Graphic Design
Yoobee School of Design